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Advising Services

One on One

You and your family will sit with an advisor to discuss your goals and expectations. 

​Our adviser will go over your grades, test scores and athletic background to figure out a plan of action. We will offer you several options while explaining the differences in all.

Coaching Contact


It is difficult to get noticed if someone is not looking for you. Our team will contact coaches to inform them about upcoming games, showcases or tournaments. Our goal is to get your name on the front of a coaches mind before they enter the arena.

Web Resume

Each athlete will receive an online resume that will be updated regularly. This page will have a players personal information, family contacts, academic history and sports statistics. Each players page will also have a highlight video, giving coaches all the information they need in one place. 


Need to work on individual skills that you are not getting form team practices? Private lessons can be a great way to work on parts of your game that YOU need to improve on.


If you are looking to go to college you will need to take the SAT's. MCN will set you up with an online course that will help you prepare for this important exam.

Other Services

The most comprehensive college planning app availabel today. Sign up and find out which colleges you are more likely to be accepted to, find availbel finacial aid opportunites, prepare for the boards with out built in SAT and ACT prep center and create a player profiel to send to coaches. Everything you need to help get into scollege in one place. 

Question: I have been told by people that it is permissible to have an advisor but not an agent. Is this true? If so, what is the difference between an agent and an advisor?


Answer: "You are correct. It is permissible for you to have an advisor but not an agent without jeopardizing your eligibility at an NCAA school. Under NCAA regulations, you and your parents are permitted to receive advice form a lawyer or other individuals concerning a proposed professional sports contract, provided that the advisor does not represent you directly in negotiations for the contract. In this regard, it is permissible for an advisor to discuss with you the merits of a proposed contract give you suggestions about the type of offer you should consider. In order to maintain your eligibility at an NCAA school, however, you may not use this advisor as a link between you and the professional sports team. Rather, you must view the advisor as an extension of your own interests and not as a source to contact a professional team. If you use the advisor as a direct contact with a professional team, the advisor shall be considered an agent, and you will have jeopardized your eligibility at an NCAA school. For example, an advisor may not be present during discussions of a contract offer with a professional team or have direct contact (i.e., in person, by telephone, email or mail) with the professional sports team on your behalf. Finally, it is important to note that in order to maintain your eligibility at the NCAA school, if you receive assistance from an advisor, you will be required to pay that advisor at his or her normal rate for such services. "


NCAA rules about Family Advisors and Agents



  • Young athletes, who I will refer to as prospective student-athletes (PSAs), are not permitted to have agents who market their (athletic) skills or negotiate with professional teams on their behalf. The definition of a professional team includes major junior teams (NCAA bylaw

  • PSAs may not have written or oral agreements with agents. This includes agreements for future representation.

  • Family members of PSAs are not permitted to have written or oral agreements with agents.

  • PSAs are not permitted to accept benefits from agents, such as money, meals, clothing, hockey equipment, or other things of value.

  • PSAs and their families are permitted to have advisors to offer guidance and advice, so long as that advisor does not market his or her client's hockey skills or negotiate with professional teams on behalf of the client.

  • If a PSA or his family uses the services of an advisor, he must compensate that advisor in an amount equal to the services provided. A modest annual fee is recommended.



NCAA References and Resources

Guide for College Bound Students. 

Eligibility Check List 

NCAA Eligibilty Reference Guide

NCAA Path to Student Athlete Experience


"Dave LoPresti worked with our son and us to help design a program that effectively navigated the College and Junior Hockey worlds, weighing the options.  The result was a well thought out gameplan and roadmap that we can follow during the important steps along the way.  Dave's hockey knowledge, communications skills and contacts were extremely beneficial to our experience.  We highly recommend MCN Sports Advising". 

Doug Hart, Parent

“It is difficult for a coach to go out and see every player out there. We rely on people we trust to inform us of athletes who may be a good fit for our program. Dave LoPresti is someone I have faith in and trust his opinion.

Paul Kelly, Coach Syracuse Stars. USPHL

"Dave’s first hand knowledge of the prep school and college landscape proved to be a tremendous resource in my son’s hockey journey.  The insight provided by MCN combined with the summer program and tournament team were great assets, providing visibility throughout the process.  I highly recommend the MCN Advisory Service!"

Mike Jacobs, Parent

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