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Prep or Boarding Schools


The Prep or Boarding School route can be a great option. Prep schools offer top notch academics and athletics. With well over 60 prep schools in New England alone there are a lot of options. Not all prep schools are boarding as there are a number of 'Day Schools" as well.  The prep school expericence offers students the chance to grow as a young adult both athletically and academically. The New England Prep School Athletic Conference offers 19 different sports for both men and women athletes. 


Although New England is home to the majorty of these schools, they can be found throughout the country. The key to any student or family looking at the this option is to know the difference between all of the. Each school is unique in its own way and has its own culture.


To get a better understadning of the differences each school offers or a list of schools please contact us

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