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The National Collegiate Athletic Association or the NCAA is the governing body of all collegiate sports Division I-III. In order to play for an NCAA team an athlete must not only have the athletic ability, but must be academically eligiable. The NCAA over sees more than 170,000 students in more than 360 schools in 37 sports (men and women) at the Division I level alone. When you factor in DII and DIII the number of athletes is over 460,000 competing each year. 


To learn more about the NCAA you can visit our players page for eligability and requiremnts. 

The National Junior College Athletic Assocaiation or NJCAA is comprised of two year and community colleges across the country. NJCAA is popular for student athletes who are looking to improve their grades or athletic ability before joinig a 4 year college. The NJCAA does not offer as many sports as the NCAA. 

The American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) is the governing body for all Non Varsity or Club level Ice Hockey teams. The ACHA is comprised of Division I-III. Its members are schools that either do not have a varsity hockey program or has a varsity (NCAA) team but not JV. 

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